Policy Council is a group of current and former parents and community representatives who are in leadership roles to work towards positive change for families. The 32 members of this group consist of current and former Head Start parents, Early Head Start parents, and community representatives that share in a common goal, “to benefit the children”. Policy Council works together, learning about leadership, building on foundations and dreams, all the while making a difference through parent and community involvement.

Policy Council, through shared decision making with the Governing Board, learns about program planning, setting goals, personnel decisions, and budgets. They learn about parliamentary procedure, Head Start Performance Standards, program Self-Assessment, and have the opportunity to attend National and Regional conferences.

Becoming a member of the Policy Council is a commitment, a chance for personal growth, and an opportunity to serve others. It is a win, win situation for everyone.

If you would be interested in serving on the Policy Council for PACT, talk with your Family Advocate, Teacher, Site Supervisor, or you can call Millie Young at 217-773-3903.