PACT Administrative Office
300 S. Capitol, P.O. Box 231
Mt. Sterling, IL 62353
Office: 217-773-3903
Fax: 217-773-3906
Toll free: 1-800-443-7228

Shanna Edison – Executive Director
Mt. Sterling Head Start Center

2090 Highway 24
Camp Point, IL 62320
Office: 217-593-6777
Office: 217-593-6695
Fax: 217-593-6757

Kristin Ripperda – Site Supervisor
Camp Point Head Start Center

Camp Point Head Start Center

PACT Head Start/ WIU Child Care Center
University Services Building
320 University Drive
Macomb, IL 61455
Office: 309-298-3143
Fax: 309-298-3109

Joann Hurt – Site Supervisor
Macomb Head Start Center
Macomb Head Start Center

Parent and Child Together (PACT) connects families with community services and assists families in achieving personal and family goals. At our Central Office, we have a Resource Library composed of books, DVDs, and other materials available for parents and staff to check out information on a variety of topics to meet their needs. Resources can be check out for a period of two weeks. To check out one of these resources, please contact your Family Advocate or Home-Based Teacher.

PACT Resource Library List

To make a referral, use the form below or call 1-800-443-7228.

    Living Address:

    Mailing Address:

    How to Apply

    Eligible families meet limited income guidelines as shown below and/or receive TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), or SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Also, foster children or children whose familes are considered homeless are eligible. PACT reserves no less than 10% of enrollment slots for children who have special needs, regardless of income. PACT serves families up to 130% of the Poverty Guideline; and up to 10% of enrollment slots may be children over those income guidelines. Generally, PACT completes applications with families whose incomes are under these guidelines, and families whose incomes are not more than $5,000 over these guidelines.

    2019 Income Guidelines (Yearly)

    Family Size      100% Poverty Guideline

    1                         $12,490

    2                         $16,910

    3                         $21,330

    4                         $25,750

    5                         $30,170

    6                         $34,590

    7                         $39,010

    8                         $43,430

    Interested families are encouraged to apply and eligibility will be determined by program staff. For more information, call 1-800-443-7228 or 217-773-3903. Enter the following information so that a PACT program staff member can contact you to apply for services for pregnant women and children through four years of age. 

      Inkind Match Required

      PACT receives grant funding from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services to operate Head Start and Early Head Start.  The funding requires a 20% inkind match through donated funds, space, materials, volunteer hours, and services from the communities where services are provided.  If PACT does not receive the 20% match, we cannot expend all of our funds and may not be able to provide all of our services. 

      How You Can Help

      Cash Donations

      PACT is a not-for-profit 501C-3 organization, therefore donations are tax deductible.  You may specify that your donation be used for a specific purpose, such as children’s books for a particular center, to purchase playground equipment, or for hats and gloves for children to use during outdoor play. If you are interested in knowing what some of our needs are, please click here to contact our Executive Director. 

      Volunteer Hours

      Both program parents and community members are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer in our program.  PACT volunteer hours are “valued” at a dollar amount and are counted as part of the inkind match from the local community.  There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities available in our agency.  Please review the Volunteer Brochure and call our Mt. Sterling Office or your local center to volunteer.