PACT publishes county resource directories on an annual basis for parent use for those counties in which we provide services. The resource directories contain information on social service agencies that provide services to families. While we endeavor to keep these updated, the information changes quickly. If you become aware of outdated information, please click here to use this form to notify the webmaster. If you need assistance in contacting an agency for help or you need help and cannot locate an agency with appropriate services, please contact your Family Advocate or Home Visitor.

Directories by County

We believe that parent’s are their child’s first and most important teacher and by working together we can further the vision and intent of the agency’s mission.

PACT encourages family involvement at all levels of the program. Volunteer opportunities include:

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  • Making Classroom Materials
  • Cleaning
  • Small Repairs
  • Field Trip Aide
  • Classroom Aide
  • Story Teller/Book Reader
  • Bus Monitor
  • Kitchen Aide
  • Board Member
  • Policy Council Member
  • Parent Committee Member
  • And many more opportunities…

We have an open door policy and families are welcome to observe or volunteer in classrooms or socialization at any time.

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    Employment History:

    Personal References:

    Parent and Child Together (PACT) for West Central Illinois is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Agency grievance procedures are available upon request to any applicant who feels they have been discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin or handicapping condition.

    Policy Council is a group of current and former parents and community representatives who are in leadership roles to work towards positive change for families. The 32 members of this group consist of current and former Head Start parents, Early Head Start parents, and community representatives that share in a common goal, “to benefit the children”. Policy Council works together, learning about leadership, building on foundations and dreams, all the while making a difference through parent and community involvement.

    Policy Council, through shared decision making with the Governing Board, learns about program planning, setting goals, personnel decisions, and budgets. They learn about parliamentary procedure, Head Start Performance Standards, program Self-Assessment, and have the opportunity to attend National and Regional conferences.

    Becoming a member of the Policy Council is a commitment, a chance for personal growth, and an opportunity to serve others. It is a win, win situation for everyone.

    If you would be interested in serving on the Policy Council for PACT, talk with your Family Advocate, Teacher, Site Supervisor, or you can call Millie Young at 217-773-3903.

    PACT’s Strategic Planning Process for our new plan began in Winter 2016, with a dedicated group of staff, representing agency-wide positions. From this group a Steering Committee formed to put forth new goals and objectives for Policy Council and Board approval early in 2018. Work on the goals (by committees or staff operations) will be reviewed by the Steering Committee quarterly and reported annually.

    Strategic Plan Narrative – 2022

    Strategic Plan Goals, Objectives, Gaps, and Action Steps – updated October 2023


    The school readiness goals for the children’s outcomes are aligned with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Illinois Early Learning Guidelines and the Illinois Early Learning Development Standards. They were developed in cooperation with the school districts in PACT’s eight county service area. PACT assesses the development of the Head Start and Early Head Start children at least 3 times a year, using the Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment system.

    2019-2020 Child Outcomes

    2019-2020 Family Engagement Outcomes

    2020-2021 School Readiness Goals

    We are always looking for dependable workers, who love spending time with children, to work in a Substitute capacity. If you are interested in a Substitute position with PACT, or would like more information, contact the Site Supervisor at your local Center.

    – Macomb at 320 University Drive, Macomb, IL Phone: 309-298-3143. Ask for Angela Vera

    – Pittsfield at 1310 W. Washington Street, Pittsfield, IL Phone: 217-285-2234. Ask for Jennifer Alred.

    – Camp Point at 2090 Highway 24, Camp Point, IL Phone: 217-593-6777. Ask for Kristin Ripperda.

    – Beardstown at 909 W. 12th Street, Beardstown, IL Phone: 217-323-9422. Ask for Alisa Horton.

    1310 W. Washington Street
    Pittsfield, IL 62363
    Office: 217-285-2828
    Fax: 217-773-3906

    Jennifer Alred – Site Supervisor

    Pittsfield Head Start Center
    Pittsfield Head Start Center

    909 W. 12th Street
    Beardstown, IL 62618
    Office: 217-323-9422
    Fax: 217-773-3906

    Alisa Horton – Site Supervisor
    Beardstown Head Start Center

    Beardstown Head Start Center

    2090 Highway 24
    Camp Point, IL 62320
    Office: 217-593-6777
    Fax: 217-773-3906

    Kristin Ripperda – Site Supervisor
    Camp Point Head Start Center

    Camp Point Head Start Center